M8254 Series DC-DC Power Supplies

Key Features
Product Type:Power Supply (Converter)
Output Power:200W
Filters:EMI Filters Included
Operating Temp.:-46°C to 85°C
Designed to Meet:MIL-STD-1275 | MIL-STD-704 | MIL-STD-810 | MIL-STD-461
Standard Configurations
Model Power Output 1 Output 2
M8254-100 183W 28V @ 6A 5V @ 3A
M8254-101 190.5W 24V @ 7A 15V @ 1.5A
M8254-102 120W 6V @ 16A 12V @ 2A
M8254 Additional configurations available

* All of our products can be configured to comply with EU REACH regulations. Contact Us today to learn more.

Custom Designed Solutions

For all your requirements, we’ll custom design a solution for your needs


Custom Designed Solutions

For all your requirements, we’ll custom design a solution for your needs

Base Specifications
Form Factor:Baseplate Mount
Dimensions:5.51" X 3.09" X 1"140mm X 78.51mm X 25.4mm
Current Share:Optional
Fixed switching frequency:250kHz

Product specifications and features subject to change without notice.
Please contact our factory before placing order.

Output Range(V min to V max @ A max)
#1 12V to 48V @ 12.5A
#2 3.3V to 12V @ 12A

The M8254 DC-DC power supply is a Dual Output, high density, highly efficient military grade rugged DC to DC converter capable of delivering up to 200W output power. Features include; High efficiency, low noise, internal EMI filters and can support parallel operation for higher power applications. The DC input range is 10V - 48VDC. Output voltage configurations can range from 3.3V to 36VDC; custom configurations are available upon request. The M8254 is also field proven and is designed to meet MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-1275, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461.

3D Model (STEP file)
Tailored Products to Meet Your Requirements

Modified Off The Shelf Solutions

All of our products can be configured to your specific requirements. Customers are invited to work with a design engineer to define the output, input range, protection limits and dimensions of the power solution which best meets their project needs. This can frequently be accomplished without NRE. Use the contact form to submit a request, or contact us to discuss your requirements. For our US team call (603) 267-8865, for our European team call: +41-41-740-4554. Configurations created for specific requirements will be assigned a new variant part number.

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