Power, power management and networking applications that exceed the tolerances of marine environments

Milpower Source delivers power and networking solution with the reliability of a battleship. Whether you need to meet MIL-STD-1399 on larger vessels or IP67 for small submersible applications, we have over 30 years of experience designing shipboard UPS, power conversion, and networking switches to meet or exceed the tolerance requirements of marine environments.


Shipboard Systems

If your project requires a power and network solution with the reliability of a battleship, we deliver with over40 years of experience designing shipboard UPS, power conversion, ethernet switches, routers, and media converters to meet the tolerance requirements of products designed for marine applications. Our rugged product families are especially strengthened to improve ingress, impact, shock/vibration protection, and EMI while having an IP67 or IP68 rating to endure the corrosive effects of salt water. Our power solutions are designed to meet MIL-STD-1399 power tolerances while being tough enough to survive and qualify to MIL-DTL-901 Severe Impact & Explosive Percussion.

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Unmanned Surface/Undersea Vessel (USV/UUV)

Size and weight are key design factors in all unmanned surface or underwater unmanned vehicles. Each component must be strengthened to stand up to shock, vibration, and the corrosive effects of salt water. Sensors, sonar, cameras, data recorders, and centralized computing platforms need to connect and receive stable and persistent power compliant with shipboard standards, such as MIL-STD-1399. Backup power sources, such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) capable of operating within a shipboard AC or DC architecture is critical. Our network switches are available in board-level and packaged solutions for ease of integration. Our power management solutions are readily scalable to meet a wide range of power architectures to protect valuable loads and sensors. For tethered platforms, our unique MilTech 919 offers copper connectivity plus a single port of fiber to connect to vehicle technology through extended lengths of fiber. We are actively involved in solving our customer’s most challenging problem sets in SWaP-centric power and networking solutions for unmanned systems, contact an engineer today to discuss your requirements


Ship and under surface self-defense systems contain legacy sensors, command and control and weapons delivery systems, as well as next-generation ship self-defense technology including electronic defense and self-protection. We can address your shipboard requirements for power conversion, power management, and networking. Our configurable and customized power solutions meet MIL-STD-1399 while our innovative network switch and router solutions are compliant to the harshest salt water and salt fog environments. Franchise naval programs, such as CEC, SEWIP, Nulka, Ship Self Defense System (SSDS), and AMDR are just a handful of networked and reliable self-defense systems currently supported.

Contact an engineer today to help identify the right power and networking solution to meet your requirements.

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Milpower Source routinely succeeds where others have failed. Put us to the test with your next military power supply project. We will deliver an exceptional product, backed by high-quality service, to satisfy the most difficult military application needs.


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