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USB Hubs and Storage Devices

Innovative USB and power management solutions for mobile military and man-pack applications

Our small, rugged USB 2/3 hubs and storage devices enable connectivity and communication between multiple USB devices in weight and space-constrained environments. Every product is designed to withstand the environmental requirements of battlefield deployments, meeting military standards such as: MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810, IP67/68.

Today’s modern soldier now has connectivity and real time control over data transmission and power management of multiple electronic devices simultaneously, which enables immediate decision making according to the needs and priorities in the field. Our Integrated Soldier Power and Data Systems (ISPDS) extends our commitment to unique, tailor-made, low-SWAP rugged communications These MIL-STD, rugged USB hubs feature a wide voltage range, support battery charging profiles (DCP, CDP, SDP and custom profiles via SMBus or OTP) to power and charge USB devices such as portable handhelds, storage, sensors, human interface devices and GPS.

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