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Milpower Source designs VPX solutions for rugged environments from the earliest stages of product design. With industry-leading power density, data flow, efficiency, and features, our 3U and 6U power supplies, network switches, and routers are used in airborne, ground, and naval applications.

Power Solutions

VPX VITA 62 & SOSA™-Aligned Solutions

VPX VITA 62 & SOSA™-Aligned Solutions

Our Solutions

Network Switches

VPX VITA 46 & SOSA™-Aligned Solutions

VPX VITA 46 & SOSA™-Aligned Solutions

Our Solutions

As a trusted member of the VPX marketing alliance, Milpower Source is fully committed to the VPX™ and OpenVPX™ standards.

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Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) defines 3U and 6U VPX slot profiles, per VITA 65, with user-defined pins. This architecture results in systems with unique backplanes designed to be used with specific modules. The SOSA Reference Architecture restricts VPX primary slot profiles to a relatively small set of six 3U and three 6U profiles. There are also a number of secondary profiles which are simple variants of the primary profiles. Restricting the number of profiles significantly reduces the possible backplane configurations and improves interoperability.

Milpower Source offers a full lineup of SOSA-Aligned™ power supply and networking solutions to meet the integrators’ needs.

Custom Designed Solutions

For all your requirements, we’ll custom design a solution to fit your needs



The demands for reliable data and power management systems are increasing all the time as the military market seeks more and more computing power. The military environment is unique when it comes to computing. Limitations such as space constraints, as well as concerns about how the harsh environments military systems typically operate in affect the embedded computer systems. That's where the VPX backplane architecture comes in.

The VPX (VITA 46) standard is an open architecture computer standard that better facilitates the flow of data in embedded systems. Its specifications were developed to field rugged, high-speed performance for data-intensive applications, such as airborne and ground radars, electronic warfare (EW), and electro-optic sensors.

VPX form factors can address applications with greater mechanical loads, making the VPX form factor a solution for military and aerospace applications. VPX is an approved ANSI standard that supports the DOD's Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA) directive, an efficient mechanism to support rapid upgrades via switched fabric technology. Further, VPX supports multiprocessing systems that demand the fastest possible communication capabilities and technology. VPX solutions are available today supporting power conversion, power management, and networking.

OpenVPX (VITA 46 and 46.1) reduces the need for custom development of backplane and chassis technology for military applications. It reduces technical risk by allowing system integrators to focus on the application-specific needs of the program, as opposed to developing core technology to support their application and assume confidence in reduced interoperability issues. Further, OpenVPX allows integrators to reduce development time within their schedule.

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Modified Off The Shelf Solutions

Why Choose a MOTS Solution?

  • Rapidly Configurable
  • No NRE Investment
  • Scalable Quantities
  • Reduced Cost and Lead Time
    vs. Custom Designs
  • Low Risk Starting Point
  • Application-Specific for
    Enhanced Performance

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