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Cooling unit with fans

We design and manufacture air-cooled heat-dissipating systems based on natural and forced air convection, mainly used in test equipment, for ground, naval, and airborne military applications.

We provide off-the-shelf solutions, with relatively short lead times. These products can also be modified to meet customers' specific requirements, provided the modification can be designed based on an existing product.

We also offer complete custom designs, with thermal/ flow analysis, to deliver an optimized solution, according to customer requirements.


    Forced convection Natural convection
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  • High thermal performance
    Modular design (adaptable plate options)
  • Lightweight
  • Thermal - flow & structural analysis
  • RoHS compliant (according to request)
  • Custom machining and mounting design according to requirements (holes, threads, clearances, etc.)
  • Designs to meet cooling requirements for forced convection:
    • Cooling with fans
    • Cooling with known flow rate and air duct geometry
  • Designs to meet cooling requirements for natural convection:
    • Pin fin.
    • Flat fin - Horizontal/vertical.
    • Adding color for radiation cooling.
  • Combined design of natural/forced convection and radiation.
  • Design for high altitude uses (low air density).


  • Power supplies
  • Power amplifiers
  • Electronic devices
  • Test fixtures.

Controlled Design Parameters

  • Cooling method
  • Geometry and weight
  • Fan selection (forced convection option)
    • Size
    • Orientation- parallel \ perpendicular to fins
    • Arrangement- serial \ parallel
  • Interface with customer unit
    • Optimized airflow path (air duct)
    • Mounting holes parameters (holes, threads, etc.)
  • Altitude
  • Temperature rise.
  • Thermal resistance.

Thermal Solutions Capabilities?

See our thermal managemement solutions expertise and designs here

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Cooling unit with fans
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