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Power Management Solutions (PDU)

Mil-Grade PDU Solutions Designed by Military Power Experts

MILPDU™ intelligent military power management solutions feature the latest technology, offering extensive user configuration capabilities to achieve a custom power management solutions for specific application needs. User selectable features including I2t overload configuration, from 2A up to 25A at 0.2A steps, and active short-circuit current limit configuration, 3A/15ms up to 125A/0.5ms at 33V input (up to 2J), and configurable GPIOs place the user in control. Optimize the performance and lifecycle of your next project with a field-proven MILPDU™ solution.

The MILPDU™ difference:

  • Designed to meet MIL-STD-704, -810, -1275, DO-160 and Def Stan 61-5
  • Real Current Limit Protection Via Control of Serial Element
  • High Resolution Current and Voltage Telemetry, Enabling Predictive Maintenance and Health Monitoring
  • Low Drop Power Distribution
  • Autonomous Monitoring and Trip
  • Input Spike and Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Shock/Vibration and Salt Fog Tolerance

MILPDU™ standard features:

  • 28V and 270V Solutions
  • Modular Single-Channel, Preset Configurations and Custom Options
  • Input: 6-33VDC Steady-State
  • User-Configurable Channels
  • D-Subminiature Connectors (Circular Connectors Optional)
  • Control via CAN, RS-485, Ethernet Communications
  • Conformal Coating of PCA’s for Salt, Fog and Corrosion Prevention
  • Adjustable Trip and Short Circuit Limit
  • Custom Form Factors Available

Need Custom Solution?

For all your requirements, we’ll custom design a solution to fit your needs

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Not seeing the exact solution you require?
We can help with modified-off-the-shelf and custom solutions!


Modified Off The Shelf Solutions

All our power and networking solutions are configurable. Work directly with our experienced engineers to tailor one of our mature designs – power input & output range, voltage & current levels, connector style, number of ports, form factor, additional compute hosting, MIL-STD compliance, and much more – our team can create a power or networking solution for your unique application with minimal or no NRE investment.

We are also experienced in developing custom solutions from specifications, addressing unique design challenges - saving you platform space, integration risk, and development time.

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