Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology brings significant advantages to the military electronics market in the area of miniaturization and efficiency. The electron mobility of GaN allows engineers to design devices with extremely high switching frequencies, resulting in high power densities, high performance, and higher operating temperatures, all at a lower cost compared to alternative technologies.

GaN, developed in 2014, is a very hard and stable substance that has revolutionized semiconductors for military communications, radar, EW, and other C5ISR systems. The foundation of this technology is tied to GaN high electron mobility transistors, generated when a junction is created between two materials with different band gaps; a GaN laid on top of silicon. It means that with a higher bandgap efficiency, the electric current can cross through a GaN chip faster than a silicon solution. This results in faster-processing capabilities Chips made with GaN will be faster, smaller, and more power efficient.

Further, the use of silicon drives down cost, as manufacturing processes can take advantage of existing large diameter wafer infrastructure. This wide band gap transistor design offers significantly lower switching losses compared to traditional silicon transistors. As a result, adopting the technology allows power circuit implementation at higher frequencies and lower losses.

GaN-based MOSFET products can increase the performance of your power conversion solution and enable applications that were not achievable with previous technology.

GaN technology allows overall size reduction in power conversion design and a significant reduction in dissipated power, resulting in improved overall product efficiency and combined system cost. Implementing the technology requires new expertise in the area of layout, new magnetic materials, circuits, and careful thermal and mechanical design. Products that could not be implemented with traditional silicon transistors become achievable, especially at higher operating temperatures, which is a critical design feature for next-generation power electronics and implementation of higher voltage systems to support the trend of “electrification.”

With gallium nitride, power efficiency can be 25% higher than silicone 25% less power is used to charge these products. They perform better, making gallium nitride batteries more efficient. With GaN, you get small power banks that can give you plenty of extra hours on your device without putting more weight.

How do we/you know that Gallium Nitride is better than Silicon? Gallium Nitride is more effective than Silicon when it comes to efficiency. With GaN, you lose 1% of the energy you are to convert. When it comes to Silicon devices, the loss goes up to 3%.

We adopted the technology and have more than 8 products in the field. Some are OTS and some are custom.

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