In our previous Blog on Power and Networking Solutions for Sensor Fusion Systems we’ve talked about the importance and value of sensor fusion in today’s battlespace. Bringing together diverse, disparate, and geographically displaced sensor data provides battlefield commanders with an unprecedented view of the battlefield. This ensures rapid and informed decision making to maintain an advantage and protect the warfighter.

Our military and military suppliers must continue to advance capabilities to outpace enemies’ threats. The Drive released a fantastic interview earlier this month highlighting a key naval sensor directly supporting sensor fusion and pressing the art of the possible in support of the broader picture in the seaborn battlespace. Two systems directly supported by Milpower Source are highlighted in this interview. The AN/SLQ-32(V)7 Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block III is a perfect example of how the US Navy and its industry partners have improved the defensive and offensive electronic warfare (EW) capabilities aboard US naval assets for decades to come.

Robust and durable power is a critical element of ensuring US and allied naval assets can overmatch electronic threats through a networked defeat mechanism offered via SEWIP and sensor fusion. The instant example highlighted within this interview is the interface between the SEWIP system and onboard MK 53 Decoy Launching System (DLS), also referred to as “Nulka.” Interfacing a decoy system with the premier EW system afloat today ensures a single battlespace commander has the tools at his or her disposal to defeat a threat. Milpower Source is a proud partner for the MK 53 Nulka system ensuring persistent power to this incredibly important defensive system.

Understanding and supporting military standards for electrical interface characteristics for shipboard equipment utilizing AC electric power, per MIL-STD-1399, ensures compatibility between user equipment and the electric power system. Products supporting this naval electrical power standard often require unique redundancy for regulated power outputs and cooling features to ensure persistent operation, especially for self-protection or mission-critical subsystems. In applications such as SEWIP, hold-up features are critical to enable more than 100mS of uninterruptible power at 4kW to support ride-thru during input power interrupts from events such as generator transfer. To maximize reliability and reduce the serviceability burden, this holdup feature can be provided without battery technology and is supplied with redundancy. Durable and reliable power during the most demanding events is a key element to successful sensor fusion.

Milpower Source has long demonstrated our expertise in this area, supporting systems such as MK 53 Nulka and SEWIP. If you have a unique power or data networking requirement- please contact us today. Milpower has the ability to create custom and MOTS products to fit every challenge.

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