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We are committed to providing industry leading power products and exceptional support for our customers. Milpower Source’s skilled and experienced staff, many of whom have been with the company for dozens of years, are here to support you.

As with the pre-sales process, we often find it best to open a conversation about support needs. We will work with you to quickly identify any issues and develop a plan of action which is tailored to your specific situation. 

To speak with us immediately, please call (603) 267-8865, or use the form to the right to submit a question electronically.  Please visit this page for available online documentation and this page for RMA request. 

Milpower Source Warranty Policy
MILPOWER SOURCE INC. Warranty Statement

M110 UPS Series:
M110BA-1 User Manual (in PDF format)
M110BA-2 User Manual (in PDF format)
M110BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M110BA-1 Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M110BA-1 Selection Guide (in PDF format)
M110BA(-1 and -2) Battery Pack, Datasheet (PDF)

M120 UPS Series:
M120BA-1A User Manual (in PDF format)
M120BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M120BA-1A M350172 Slide Outline Dwg. (in PDF format)
M120BA-1A Outline Dim. & Selection Guide (in PDF format)
M120BA-1A Battery Pack, Datasheet (PDF)

M130 UPS Series:
M130BA-1 User Manual (in PDF format)
M130BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M130BA-1A Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M130BA-1A Selection Guide (in PDF format)

M140 UPS Series:
M140BA User Manual (in PDF format)
M140BA Software Manual (in PDF format)
M140BA-1 Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M140BA-1-2-2-5-1 Outline Dimensions (in PDF format)
M140 Special Option (PDF)

M359 UPS Series:
User Manual, including Data sheet (PDF)
UPS Data Sheet (PDF)
Software Manual (PDF)
M359001 Outline Dimension
M359 Battery Pack, Datasheet (PDF)
M359 Special Option, M359-1-1-X, Limited Input Current (PDF)
M359 Special Option, M359-1-X-2, Modified RS-232 Command Set (PDF)
M359 Heat Dissipation (PDF)
M359-1, Rev C, 3-D STEP Model (ZIP)

SNMP Apps and Manuals
SNMP Agent User Manual (M359_SNMP_UM)
SNMP CLI User’s Manual (M359_CLI_UM)
SNMP Console User Manual (M359_Console_UM)
PC Auto Shutdown Application User Manual
UPS Auto Shutdown-1.1.0.exe

SNMP Agent Firmware
UPS M359 Firmware Upgrade Procedure (M359_FUP_1)
UpsSwUpdater v02_02_16.exe
SNMP Agent Firmware Release Notes (M359_agent_FRN)
UPS M359 Firmware Upgrade Procedure for v2.01.03 (M359_FUP_2)

M362 UPS Series:
M362-4 and -9 User Manual (PDF)
UPS Data Sheet (PDF)
M362 Outline Dimensions (PDF)
M333 Battery Pack Outline Dimensions (PDF)
M333-4 External Battery Pack (in PDF format)

UPS Accessories:
Battery Charger-Tester (in PDF format)

UPS SNMPv1/v2 software Package (Server/Client):
SNMP Agent User's Manual (EmbedUPS-Manual)

UPS Monitor Manual
UPS SNMP Software - Server
UPS SNMP Software - Client

UPS Battery Pack MSDS Information:
Batteries Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS PDF) for the following Battery Packs/UPS: M357380/M110BA-1, M359380/M359-1, M333/M362.

Batteries Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS PDF) for the following Battery Packs/UPS: M350380/M120BA-1, M356380/M130BA-1 and M140BA-1.

M168 Power Supply - RFI Data:
M168 MIL-STD-461D Data (in PDF format)

M183-2 Power Supply - EMI Data:
M183-2 MIL-STD-461D CE101, CE102 Data (in PDF format)

M786 Power Supply - EMI / RFI Data:
M786 MIL-STD-461C & D Data (in PDF format)

M8647 Enhanced Vibration Test Results
M8647-38 & M8647-40 Enhanced Vibration Test Results (in PDF format)

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