M110 Series UPS
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Single Phase: 1KW/2KVA
  • Input: 84-165VAC or 180-260VAC (selectable)
  • Hold Up: 10 Minute At Full Power
  • 19" x 4U x 21" Deep Rack Mounted
  • Internal Battery Pack
  • Meets MIL-STD-1399
Designed to Spec - Challenge us with your requirements. No matter how complex, we will design and deliver the exact military power supply solution for your needs.

About the M110 Series UPS

This unit is not recommended for new designs. Please see the M359-1 for new design considerations.

The M110 Series is a ruggedized, high-performance, 19" rack-mounted , single phase 1.0KW/2.0KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), intended for military and tough industrial systems. The M110 contains an internal high-voltage (96VDC), high-energy battery and large high voltage (340VDC) capacitors. This UPS provides 10 minutes of hold up time at full power. In addition to being physically ruggedized, the input stage of the M110 meets all the requirements of MIL-STD -1399 (section 300A).  

 (All specifications are factory configurable by a design engineer.) 





Hold Up

(WxDxH) Weight
M110 1.0KW/2.0KVA 84-165VAC or 180-260VAC (selectable) 10 min at full power 19" x 4U x 21" deep  78lbs. (without battery)  


All of our products can be configured to your specific requirements. Customers are invited to work with a design engineer to define the output, input range, protection limits and dimensions of the power solution which best meets their project needs. This can frequently be accomplished without NRE. Use the contact form to submit a request, or contact us at (603) 267-8865 to discuss your requirements. Configurations created for specific requirements will be assigned a new variant part number.

 Visit the technical support documents center here.  


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