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 We Turn Military Power Conversion Requirements Into Reality


Challenge our innovative design engineers to develop the exact military power supply solution - for any requirements - which best meets your application needs. Areas of military power supply design expertise include: Extreme EMI / Reliability / Thermal Management / High Power Factor / Shock and Vibe / Power Density. The following are just a few of our previous custom military power supply design examples.   

Examples Custom Power Supplies Design by Milpower Source 





A custom design Cabin Power Supply Model (CPSM), designed for an airborne radar application featuring liquid cooling.  





Modified VPX VITA 62 DC/DC Power Supply for an airborne application. Custom engineered to include floating connectors, modified form factor, modified heat dissipation and Alternative AC input capability. 






Featuring two split DC outputs, with same output voltage, and AC/DC input capabilities this unit was custom designed for a ground defense application.  

Generator Control Unit




Generator Control Unit (GCU) designed for a rotorcraft application, this Generator Control Unit (GCU) provided the client with the required multi-output design and MIL-Standard qualifications required.







Designed for a missile application, our engineering team successfully addressed the MIL-STD-810g Shock and Vibration requirements, while delivering a custom form factor DC/DC converter unit which met all of the other requirements the customer presented.





Designed as a standalone, high power factor, natural convection cooled converter this unit is deployed by multiple branches of the military, in all environments.  




M259 TRU

Designed for an airborne application, this Transformer-Rectifier Unit (TRU) is MIL-STD-704A, MIL-STD-461E compliant and features up to 18kW load, delivers over 95% efficiency and low input THDI – below 8%




A naturally convection converter designed to MIL-STD-1275B, with 24 outputs, up to 1.8kW continuous no derating at -30°C to +55°C ambient.

Pulsed Load Attenuator



Designed for a ground radar application, the Pulse Load Attenuator feeds a single PA, is sequenced (50V turns on 0.7s after other voltages) and hold up full power 3ms on input failure.    






A 288-350VDC Filter and Control Unit (FCU), wiht 7 outputs, over load disconnection and filtering 

M793 DC-DC Converter


In use aboard hundreds of commercial jets, the high-density 6.6KW DC/DC converter was custom designed as a starter power unit. One of the special features includes thermal sensor baseplate temperature monitoring.   


We Make It Easy

Whether your project requires a custom form factor, over voltage, over current, specific efficiency, parallelable capabilities, high factor power supply or other unique features, Milpower Source has extensive experience producing Mil-Spec power solutions with all of these requirements. Working with our customers, we consistently deliver an exceptional product, backed by high-quality service, to satisfy the most difficult application requirements. To get started, visit the product family of interest and identify a base unit, then get get in touch to discuss your custom requirements.  




- For offline reference, download the Product Selection Guide

Next, contact a design consultant to discuss your application and power conversion requirements at (603) 267-8865, or via this contact page.  

Using our wide range of factory configurable units, Milpower Source will work with you to define the output, input and dimensions of the power solution which best meets their project needs. 


Why Milpower Source?  

All of our military power supply designs are compliant with MIL-STDs, are field proven and offer the lowest total life cycle cost available. We have designed solutions for weapons deliver platforms, with extreme shock and vibration requirements, communication systems, with strict EMI tolerance, aircraft, with complex power factor specifications and many more extreme environments. Milpower Source is proud to support programs across every branch of the military including:


  • PATRIOT AN/MPQ-65 Radar
  • Trophy Active Protection System
  • M119A3 & M150/151 Fire Control
  • AN/TPY-2 Ground Radar
  • Falcon Edge
  • F15
  • F16
  • VADR
  • V22
  • SABR
  • MESA
  • Wedgetail


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Examples of customers Milpower Source enjoys longstanding relationships with include: 


Ready To Speak With An Expert?  

Milpower Source routinely succeeds where others have failed. Put us to the test with your next military power supply project. We will deliver an exceptional product, backed by high-quality service, to satisfy the most difficult military application needs. Call (603) 267-8865 or email to discuss how Milpower Source can support your military power conversion needs. 

For more information about military power supplies and other defense related news topics visit this page for a list of relevant trade publications.   

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