3U VPX VITA 62 Military Power Supplies  



Milpower Source offers the MILVPX product family of military VPX VITA 62 power supplies; designed for defense applications, and configurable to meet your unique requirements. The MILVPX product family includes 3U, 6U and Custom VPX form factors up to 1.1kW of total power and multiple outputs with embedded EMI filters. Available in off-the-shelf and custom configurations, the MILVPX product family is ready to deliver exactly the right VPX power supply solution for any application requirement.


 * MIL-Standard certifications are available. Contact us to request certification documents. 

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3U VPX VITA 62 Military Power Supplies 

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Power (W)

Output Volts  Output Amps Input Volts Current Share Available Features
DC/DC Models           
M4065 Series



3.3-12VDC   1A - 30A 18-48VDC  Optional

MIL-STD-1275E,  Surges of 12V to 100V, Supports parallel configuration

 M4064 Series



 1A -25A



Holdup Support, Protected During 200V Load Dump
M4165 Series



3.3-12VDC  1A - 30A  18-48VDC   Optional

Passes CE102 with 50uHenry LISN

M4050 Series



3.3-12VDC   1A - 15A  18-48VDC  No 0.8" Pitch + Holdup Extension, 150mS initialization time
M4012 Series  350W 3.3-12VDC  1A - 30A  18-48VDC No

Internal Holdup

M4060 Series 300W@50mS 28V - 12-100Vdc -

Early warning Bits & IPMI

M4465 Series

700W (Up to)

3.3-12VDC 1A - 40A 18-36VDC    
 AC/DC Models           
M4071 Series 800W  3.3-12VDC   0.4 - 30A   100-125VAC /400Hz /3Ø No   1.0 Pitch, Voltage Conditioner and Holdup
Energy Storage Module - Designed to operate with the M4071 3U VPX     
M4081 800W / 50ms   230VDC ± 5% during holdup event   220-310VDC
   1.3" Pitch   
Custom Models          
270VDC  Custom solutions available on request.  Contact Engineering to discuss.
115VAC  Custom solutions available on request.  Contact Engineering to discuss.
115VAC  Custom solutions available on request.  Contact Engineering to discuss.


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Milpower Source is proud to be a member of VITA.


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