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M716 Series

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Miniature, High Density, Single Output. (up to 50W)
Series Catalog Page (pdf)
Parasolid 3D model

MPS can customize this product, including inputs, outputs and mechanics to your requirements.

Model Input Output Maximum
Regulation Ripple
(20MHz BW)
M716-1 18 to 36VDC 5VDC 8A ±2% 50mV p-p
M716-2 18 to 36VDC 12VDC 3A ±2% 50mV p-p
M716-3 18 to 36VDC 15VDC 3.5A ±2% 50mV p-p
M716-10 9 to 36VDC 5VDC 8A ±2% 50mV p-p
M716-11 9 to 36VDC 12VDC 4A ±2% 50mV p-p
M716-12 9 to 36VDC 28VDC 2A ±2% 50mV p-p

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