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About Milpower Source

Thank you for visiting our website, we are pleased to share our history andcommitment to product excellence. At Milpower Source we have worked hard for more than 30 years to develop a reputation for exceptional and highly-customizable power products. We recognize that each new project is an opportunity to continue to deliver excellence in everything we do, for our customers, our employees and the members of the military counting on our products to perform.  

Why Milpower Source?


Our units are field proven and in use by every branch of the military. We have designed solutions for weapons delivery platforms, with extreme shock and vibration requirements, communication systems, with strict EMI tolerance, aircraft, with complex power factor specifications and many more challenging environments.


Milpower Source enjoys long standing relationship with hundreds of customers and has earned the trust of the most respected Prime Contractors in the industry. Milpower Source has worked with every corner of the defense community and continuous to do so today. 

Powerful & Flexible Product Solutions

All of our units are configurable. Customers are invited to work with a design consultant to define the output, input and dimensions of the power solution that best meets their project needs. Using our extensive COTS/MOTS product catalog, with hundreds of available products, we are frequently able to deliver a customized solution rapidly without NRE costs.  

Ready To Speak With An Expert?  

Milpower Source routinely succeeds where others have failed. Put us to the test with your next power solution project. We will deliver an exceptional product, backed by high-quality service, to satisfy the most difficult military application needs. Call (603) 267-8865 or email to discuss how Milpower Source can support your power project needs. 

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